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Called by many, "the Father of Modern-day Messianic Judaism", Manny Brotman, Sandra's beloved husband, was promoted to Heaven in July, 1999.

Manny, Founder and President of The Messianic Jewish Movement International (MJMI) on May 1,1963, was in the midst of writing a prophetic newsletter entitled, "Jerusalem, The Most Important City in the World!" when he was felled by a massive brain hemorrhage on July 4.  Their last activity together as husband and wife was prayer.  After he prayed his last prayer, much of it specifically for the Messianic Jews living in Israel, Sandra sensed an unusual sweetness of the Spirit of God in their living room.  And then, the hemorrhage began.  He was actually alive for several days after his death certificate was issued.

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he attended Bible colleges in Nyack, New York, Canada and graduated in Jewish Studies from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

Through MJMI, Manny produced the first pictorial Messianic Catalog in the modern movement in the late l960's, which grew through the decades to become recognized as containing the largest selection of the finest Messianic resources in existence.

Manny has been called a "trailblazer and firebrand", having pioneered and popularized the use of Messianic terminology, Messianic evangelism materials and training, planting Messianic congregations, and Messianic Jewish television and radio. He was the first ordained Messianic Jewish Rabbi in the United States in the modern Messianic Congregational Movement, not affiliated with any church denomination.  Thousands of Jewish people throughout the world are accepting Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) as their Messiah. The Lord used Manny to found the Young Messianic Jewish Alliance of America in 1965 and was elected its first Executive Director and President. He laid the groundwork for the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations in the mid-1970's and was elected its first president.

He spoke at the World Conventions of The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International and appeared on the nationally televised 700 Club, PTL Club, TBN, and 100 Huntley Street across Canada. He represented the Messianic Jews throughout America while speaking at Washington for Jesus '88 with over one million in attendance. This event was televised by satellite worldwide.

Numerous Messianic Jewish and evangelical leaders and friends, including Sid Roth, Joe Finkelstein, Joel Chernoff, David Chernoff, Jonathan Bernis, Jeff Adler, Abraham Sandler, Jerry Miller and Kol Simcha (Messianic singers) participated in the Messianic Jewish Celebration of Manny's Life and Love for Messiah -- now available on DVD on this website.  God's Spirit challenged many hearts that day including those who prayed with Sandra during her eulogy to accept Yeshua as their Messiah as Manny had 45 years earlier. For more than the last two years of his life, this "gentle giant in the Body of Messiah" sacrificed to make full use of MJMI's global outreach in the battle for the legal rights of Messianic Believers in Israel to share their faith. As the Israeli flag draped his coffin and the blast of the shofar (ram's horn) pierced the air at his burial site, all were reminded of Messiah's soon return to Israel for His Bride! Manny was obedient unto death in spreading God's heavenly Messianic vision, the salvation of the Jew in Israel and throughout the world.

"Manny was a warrior and a front-line soldier for the cause of Jewish outreach for 45 years.  No one has been able to teach and explain Jewish evangelism like he did."  — Messianic Jewish Life! Magazine